Saturday, November 27, 2010

RIP Rasho

Because I am an idiot. I pressed the button too fast even though I realized that my mat seq II didn't attach to the menu while modding my Rasho on slot1 - CLSR 10 with a Flamehorn SIed to it. And now it became 3 pieces of Hihi Iro material.

Weirdly, I ain't mad or pissed off or what not. :/ Just shrugged and cursed at how Rasho is not 3 pieces of Hihi D: and now I'm buying another Flamehorn and another Rasho. Mehhh... just wanted to post, my first long rasho, it was fun having you (die on my retired melee for months). RIP <3

On another note... 999 on DS is soooo gooooood D: I wish Habu was here to hold my hand T-T *got scared at the guy who exploded* I'm very weak to horror okay?! D:

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