Monday, November 8, 2010

[School] It's a Love-Hate relationship

My group members for my presentation tomorrow are driving me up the wall. One of them tells me to ask for days off the whole effing week just to work on our presentation. Of course we ended up arguing (School is more important. But you do know, so is paying the bills -___-). Now she's making all these "meet up" that don't even last because no one did their work (one of them was too lazy to) due to school, family, extracurricular, work, etc. And now, one of the members can't make it and the whole group doesn't want to meet up now. Tomorrow is the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops so I would of been staying extra late tonight setting up but because of tomorrow's meeting I need to leave early because she made a HUGE deal about me working. Not my fault that no one wanted to meet on weekends, early mornings or late at nights. Why am I the one being screamed at when I am okay with that but when everyone else has a day off, and I work, I get yelled at.

God. I hate human.

And go to the effing meeting boy. -____-

On the other hand, Marching set on Sera watching Gus train expertise while doing the Monkey dance is win.

Sera: Ohaider!
Gusoku: D:

I don't know if you guys ever noticed. But Marching Set has your belly button showing. ISN'T IT EPIC?! My clannies know I'm a Yaoi fan and being one of the few girls active in clan, everyone one knows that "if it's gay, Sera MUST have." :D Don't you just love my principles?

And the cosplay contest has been announce! Artful won! YAAAAAAAAY~ I was really hoping she did because her entry was very well done. :3 I told you guys my crappy entry wouldn't even make it. Not with my garbage execution and uncompleted set (would of been sad if I won T-T). I still need to find a jeweler in my school for it (scared to venture to the Art department as its creepy there ;A; ) but I only entered for the cross regenerator I (didn't want to pay 11$ bucks for it LOL) for my RE: Maki Necklace. xD

Also got to see Bunbun's Tao Tie close up. She has killed him the last time I saw him T-T Poor Tao tie...


And again for market QQ-ers, your desired price =/= to common market price. TYVM. If everyone is selling black weapon DT for 4-5mil, and you tell me that its market price is 2mil, you can GTFO. Buying List is starting to be BS to me, buyers are buying half the price of what sellers are selling it for. QQ about how they can't get an item cause its "overpriced" but mainly the issue is that your buying it too "underpriced". I cater to people who are looking for items that are 500K off (for cheaper prices) and 1-3mil off for more expensive items. That's customer service. Not 2 mil for an item that's 5mil. If you ask nicely too, I wouldn't mind, unless the item is high in demand (like marching headsets) since it's only fair to those who REALLY wants it and willing to pay for it (that's determination and shows how much a person wants it imo). But that's just how I feel about the market.

I have been playing Kitsu. FINALLY LEVEL 30 :D Though I'm having a dilenma with one of my characters name. I deleted him to make him into a medium build but I didn't realized there was a time gap wait for re-claiming a name (I don't get the point of this but ok....) and now I'm fretting whether I get the name or not (It's TYPOGRAPHICALLY correct therefore it bugs me if I use an altered name of it). I'm such a loser. *headdesk*

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