Saturday, November 13, 2010

[Megaten] It's Extazy. It shoots Rainbows.

You people keep fueling my retarded-ness. I love my Clannies. We may be small and seem inactive, but we are stealing your ponies and shooting rainbows where you least expect it. o-o

MIA: Richy
Last seen: Being mauled by a Zombie is COD.
Reward (Dead or Alive): Sending Richy to a trip to DisneyLand.

I want to hear him scream in CoD! D: /just got Halo Reach for the Ostrich

Stayed from open to close at work yesterday due to the over amount of work we had. x.x We're almost caught up but god, soon I'm going to start seeing the store's inventory in my dreams again. xD

And I keep falling asleep on Haburi on skype. orz Sorry hun.

[EDIT] Depending on how I negotiate with these household idiots. This may be my last NM weekend, last post and last time you may see me online until I figure out another way to obtain internet at home. We'll see what happens, at least I can still update this blog via iphone.

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