Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You know...

A simple "NTY" or "No thank you" or SOMETHING won't KILL YOU when you decline offers. Being CIVILIZED or having MANNERS won't KILL YOU either.

BAHHHHH!!! I'm asking too much out of humans. I think it's more effective teach a cat how to do tricks.

[EDIT] - Project HAS been changed (again). THANKFULLY I can stop programming this game as now its conceptual. TYVM. I hasn't slept since Sunday. Finally, Finally I can sleep tonight. Oh glorious sleep.

TYVM to clan who put up with my bitch PMSing mood. I love you guys <3

We also has a kitty Mascot and a Frostie in clan. :D Now I will has more time to Stalk them, WHeeeeeee~

I also got Rasho for no reason. Let's mod this to something that I will never use, as always <3 and Trying to get Marching set cause male has BELLY BUTTON SHOWING. AHAHAHAHAHHAAHA So gay, So getting it. XD

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