Saturday, October 30, 2010

[Megaten] A note for you.

Dear Megaten Market QQ-ers,

If one more person requests/pms me about how I am "destroying the market" for offering over 15mil on Book Voucher (Academic). I swear I will beat you up to a bloody pulp via PvP (And I will start PvPing just for you). If you HAVEN'T noticed, Book Voucher (Academic) is not only the HARDEST to obtain from ap FC/events/boxes, but also the HIGHEST in demand. It's not rare for me to be offering over 20mil+ for this voucher in the past year. So unless someone decides to sell it to me so that I can stop SPENDING ap ($300 from Tuesday FC release til Friday night and counting...) I will not stop my increament. And if you QQ about it, then tell those people who already have it (whether they are using it and especially those who are not) to sell it. I am NOT destroying your precious market when something CANNOT even BE obtained to begin with. If you do the math (and pretend they are evenly divided), its 3.33% to OBTAIN the fucking voucher. So with $300 I have 10% technically speaking. So where is it? HRMMMMM?!

Exactly. STFU. -___-

Your dedicated synther who have now spent hundreds of dollars and over 200mil on Sera. Because I am dedicated, want to extinct mirrors for YOUR wallet and be useful for YOUR MEGATEN SAKE.

PS: PLEASE R-E-A-D. I know some of you are trying to rip me off. Book Voucher Academic (aka: Academic Voucher) is spelt:



Meaning, stop trying to trade me a 2-3K ap item from item mall so you can have my 15mil+ and think I would NEVER noticed. Use your head. I clearly wrote it down so its not a mispelled word. I'vebeen scammed too many times in the bast 4 months where I NOW have to TRIPLE check all my trades and offer. We were never liked this Megaten.

AND people wonder why I don't synth on channel 1 anymore. I don't mind being used but I would like to be respected as a human being (and not a dog like all those ch1 synth seekers like to joke around) and to be able to BE dedicated and allow to BUY at a price I want. I'm not even going to start on the main reason why I left ch1 synthing. I'll only go back when I have patients with you people.

I have lost sleep over this since Tuesday, getting my anxiety back (due to addiction/dedication watever the reason is), and bitching. I don't like to bitch in public at all. It's unsightly. But seriously. This flaming has GOT TO STOP.

Back to Hunting down that voucher.

PS: IF you haven't noticed, yea I'm fucking pissed and annoyed. TYVM. -___- <-- never been this mad in months.

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  1. Even with the flood of academic coming in the promo ,people are probably gonna still OP that voucher cause thats how much of a fucked up economy megaten is.