Saturday, October 23, 2010

[Megaten] This is sad

It's is sad when a c5 Enhancer c3 Hex AND a pure c6.2 Synther can clear ichi golds in 5 minutes (with 0 deaths) faster than a full ichi party of today; you know something is wrong with the quality of players.



Finishing Stance: Go Go Cotton Swab Ranger!


If an enhancer and a synther who both have only decently rebirthed demons and can still do this while parties who have better gears than rebirth demons, with the crazy damage boost gears we have, can't even finish a single clear within 10 minutes is pathetic. Clears that do 3-4minutes should be AVERAGE by now. Yet... there is a large amount of level 75+ who seem to NOT be able to one hit Kirins, clear rooms PROPERLY (strays are a no-no and teamwork is important), HEAL, and/or enhance properly. Which is 80-90% of the people on the server atm. Before, quality for good players were like 60%+ so... what happened? Why does all the new player suck like shit? Why aren't people trying to improve instead of making excuses? It makes no sense. Critism isn't a bad thing, not all of them are "offensive".


Make 100x no sense to me when my level 46 can ONE HIT KIRINS on Electric Rush NO SS OR TAROT, half obtained gears (got mainly palais set, tails, extra, neck, weapon and that's it). Just nice clean gear with a c5 Enhancer with 140+ int. If my N00b can one hit Kirins, SO CAN YOU. But as Habu said, you're asking to much in life with the current community. Yea, I think I am. Which is why next time, we're going to get a sponsor and have them run with and my level 46 nubcake just for lulz.

Haburi, Richy and I promised to not return to this game after we started Kitsu Saga. But that epically failed. I wonder why we still haven't quitted. xD I know I'm having a hard time leaving due to the hundreds of dollars I've spent on this game. Same with Habu. But god, Megaten really has nothing else to offer though. There IS no goal here except to make more money for no reason. I've gotten so bored that I wasted 4K ap on Loot Forge because I had nothing to do (and auto-grinding on Kitsu is love <3) and Kitsu won't have a bloody ap promotion so I've been reserving myself from spending ap. Then again, I've been having GREAT luck on Mystery Boxes, Raffles and Loot Wheel/Forge that its kinda hard for me to quit. It's rare that I win things, especially within a few tries. Usually it takes me forever to get something decent. Damn you Megaten. D:

I have about 3 posts of rant about the economy of MT. But I decided not to post them as their actually pretty bashful, hateful, disrespectful, calling out on names, and wat-not type of rants (especially after I re-read them). Let's just say, for all those who are trying to buy things dirt cheap, do give into the consideration that the people who are selling "rare ap items" or $100+ ap items from promo, should be allowed to price shit for 10mil+ As Ap Spenders are NOT HERE for YOUR convenience. They have the right to make some money too and more than the 1:1 ratio. If you want it cheap or are bitching about how a new set is 15mil+ then please, by all means, GET A JOB and BUY YOUR OWN AP. Not a hard thing to do imo if you worked for it. And I'm sure the countless hours you've all put into it could land you a decent job with minimum wages after all. If you happen to buy something for below common market price, Congratz! (Notice how I put "common market price" >.> I have this whole rant about the terminology as well and "overpriced" items idea/term). Also the sellers do need to give into consideration about the budget people have, leniency is also a good customer service skill. If anyone saw my Trade List post for "40mil for Young Soul Blue, Data Ticket" it was an inside Extazy joke about overpriced items. I left it up there for lulz. Next time I'm definitely writing "T> only for Extazy clan members + 40mil ???? (hugs)" because we all know how messed up the economy is right now. And the Consumable Exchange Event + the Kingdom Kaboodle Mystery Box, just made the Exchange Event pointless. I'm sure 50% of the players were going after the Symbol Data Ticket which is now pointless as its being spammed.

I'm also quite sadden at the fact that most public synthers aren't what they used to be. Even though there are textbooks spammed out there. A non-properly taroted or SS set bugs the crap out of me and a rank 1 Sowilo and rank 1 Ingwaz rebirth Artemis (and arty not being above level 50) really wants to make me cry for the poor demon. If your trying to rebirth the demon, please do it properly. From what I've seen, Jenn from GS Cat is the only other person I know who isn't an ap spender who can do this. So can everyone else. Most of the earlier synthers didn't even have Dais to rebirth their artemis and their all pretty decent/epic. So no excuses D: Please research about synthing (or ask)! Btw, it should 90% almost always be SS first, then Tarot for cost effective. The only time you would do a tarot first is if you don't know if the item will work for special fusion or not and relic fusion. When my clannies shows me a special fusion item and I would have to tell them to redo the demon for tarot because of cost efficiency after a synther told them to tarot it first, it really makes me QQ.

Alright enough ranting from me. A downhill community usually stays downhill for a long time. No use crying over spilled milk. Until then I'll continue afking on the lawn to sell stuff while playing Kitsu Saga AND Sengoku Basara. Because my attention span no longer exist anymore.

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