Monday, October 4, 2010

Kitsu Saga of CB epicness

I'm really depressed about FF14. The lag there is just so bad that I keep crashing now after the game officially released. -___- Either I should get a better internet or a whole new computer. I was going to get a better internet this month but some family problems came up so that's haulted. =3=

So now I've spent the last weekend playing Kitsu Saga with HabuHabu and Richy. :D We saw/heard a few people from SMT on there too so this will be fun. :) We're looking for a patch of grass without any aggro monster or a clan spot for us. I hope we find one :D KS is currently in closed beta but the wings *_* I got my character to level 26 and can't wait til CB is over to play with them. xD I have completely ignored MT for this game and will probably continue doing so. Bug wise, I haven't see anything significant. Just spelling error and name errors (aka. #Err: Too long) on monsters and titles. XD It's pretty amusing but it doesn't hinder game player so w/e.

Here's some spam galore. Ofc, I'm the little jailbait boy :D Richy is the big man and the sexy beast is Haburi. We make quite an interesting Guild xD Too bad Richy, Haburi will always be my Papa even if he is playing as a women D:

KS Red Dead Redemption :D

Cutie Kitsu <3

If Seta was a girl, he'd made an epic one!

Seta <3

We found a patch of grass in the middle of Aggro Venom Snake :D It's not exactly meant for afking though...

Seta being lectured by his Kitsu D:

Haburi says that Kitsus are like the tweet in twitter. It's so true XD They talk alot but it's amusing. And so much random crap they say too.

So far, I like the community. It's alot like MT when it first started out. We have yet encountered any assholes like we do daily in Megaten. People have manners there and are friendly. :) btw 1 Gold = "ZOMG SO MUCH MONEY" xD Oh.. the good old days.

Speaking of MT: Did the 100% Rebate Loot wheel. Got Jackpot :DDDDD BOOYAH!! (for free too lol) But all that money will not go towards Kitsu Saga <3 I also got called on being inc in KS xD I was trying to solo a lvl21 mission on my lvl 26. I still got murdered even though I was on a crap loads of inc. D: Tis was evil!

The game is mostly spamming of AoE skills but it's because of it that its fun. And ofc, Aeria loves their mages. Dx So freaking overpowered. Btw, Flamewind > Iron Claw. D:< I played both factions, I find the beginning of Flamewind much more smoother put together than Iron Claw was. I also felt bad though, I was a male character in the middle of nothing but female Mist Song NPCs D: MALES CAN DO FEMALES THINGS OKAY?! /hides dead Iraya behind a barrel in manly shame.

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