Thursday, July 29, 2010

To Borrow...

... is to never see it back again.

No seriously. o.o Lent my friend in real life moneys and items and now I'm chasing them down for it because they said they were going to give it back to me MONTHS ago pass when they needed it. >_____> FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF...

Well I learned my lesson. You people in real life are asking for me to become a jackass. :<>

(because I suck at naming like that, k? D: )

It's cute xD I just spammed the ap costume boxes for lolz since I had ap left over. Though they are limited time, it'll be fun running around like an aristocrat for lulz. yay to the power of the one dollar! xD

Grand Fantasia is Digimon without the GAY D:

TWO MONTHS TIL FF14 o.o w00000t~ And starcraft 2 came out on Tuesday, our store SOLD OUT on release day. IN YOUR FACE YOU NON-PREORDERS. <3 Can't wait to say "I told you so." to all those people who dissed up preordering ^-^

Also got my self a dress... for the first time in my life. Though its more for clubbing then really a real dress. Now I know there is something from with me D: Ayu doesn't wear dresses!


Im getting a new iphone :D Though it's Taichous but its a heck lot cheaper than getting one without a contract or buying the Nokia Xpress Music for $100 more and have it do less stuff. D: I'm also noticing that rain seems to like this area... too much. I'm having huge internet problems because of it. I use wireless signals so bad weather = bad connection. Especially since I dced and lagged and died in 24 kings. That was bad. But I learned what it would sound like if it had rained Squirrels. D:

Also need to get off of fast food. It's going to kill me one day.

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