Saturday, July 17, 2010


AVENGE ME by ~Cats-Eye-93 on deviantART
Wanted to share, lol.

My first day off since second job. :'D I'm surviving but I've been trying to cut back on online time and do some more useful stuff like... finish this 35+ stacks of video games that have accumulated for the last 2 years (and draw...). Okay... maybe useful is not the right word for it. I was also watching a few clips of FF14 and a few FF11 since it looks like its just a basic upgrade of the previous engine. Male Miqo'te please (ororor Moogles for lulz)! Otherwise it looks like Aion, but less shinier xD

And another note: (it's all your fault Taichou D: )
HAHAHA! They're buying it. Fake Animals.

Okay screw it D: Let's go finish that Persona 4 like I was suppose to along time ago lol.

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