Friday, July 2, 2010

Snap! Crackle! Pop!

Aren't we Sexeh?


Risu has learned a horrible truth of why I spaz over male outfits. Ahahahahha XD I can't help it if I like gay things (both homo-ly and stupid-ly). Also been working on a SI character. Grinding Weapon Knowledge and watching movies as the best! Though, Enchanted just went King Kong with reverse gender role half way through. Narnia was good, and so was Kung Fu Panda. Now I need to buy more movies so I can continue grinding LOL.

So second job starts this Monday. :'D Imma going to die. /2 hours trip to get there and back.

I just got re-addicted to Megaten because of Extazy (damn you guys are such drugs xD) and especially to Risu~ You awesome Girl! I want more Megaten noaz. D: Yay to Spazzy post. I just felt like posting this picture that's all. /walks away in spamming shame.

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