Friday, July 9, 2010

Week 1

My first week is almost over. :D Now only 7 more weeks (minimum) to go before I see this thing called "day off". I started my second new job this week and its been busy, busy, busy. Even after work when I get home, I'm still doing work related things, in this case the little pile of small printed papers we got to read on company rules, health and safety and employee agreement. 8D;; I feel like my eyes are about to fry. *Ish on a semi break atm* On top of it, I've been trying hard to catch up on the world of Gaming for my first job because of my lack of knowledge on upcoming games, my Presell section is down in the dump. Must work harder. D: /6 months out of date

And thus, I may tend to AFK a shitloads on Meageten because I'm reading =A= I've tried to grind and read this pile of papers thingy, but its failing. I need to sell more shitz which is why I leave the game on. Now that I think about it, I don't know why I bother. Macca is hard to get nowadays... buying Ap seems more efficient for the same time I use to farm macca. :x

I'm also depressed that I can't play my Persona 3 Portable due to not having the newest update, its also the only series I buy real regardless of system (LOL). If it's SMT I buy it and play it. I need to find my friend to get the update from him, instead of nub me bricking my psp. /haxpspluv So until then, I stare at the shiny box and QQ when my manager plays it in front of my face.

Also, going to port my ass over to FF14 when it comes out this Fall. My goal is still the same, trying to quit Megaten and find a better addiction for various reasons. Let's hope FF14 will work. :D I just pre-ordered the Special Edition for PC so I can have a week early access. I want the name Riku D: /has it on Aion hehehehehe....

AND YES I WILL PLAY AS A BOY. That's such a given. >___>
k back to work :S

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