Friday, April 30, 2010

I haz an Abyss Cloak

Pffffffttttttttt... who needs to pay $60 for a virtual Abyss Set, when you can pay 4x more AND kill yourself with sweat, tears and blood to make yourself a real one (we're working on the floating technology, it'll be ready in 3010). So besides the fact that I'm completely tired out, mentally strained and physically in pain from hunching over so much, I think the efforts are going to pay off (minus the fact that about half way through, I found out I can no longer sew straight FAILME). Here's some images below:

Making the pants belt. Measuring is so much fun. -failz math-

I was going to fix those failmathme ness but I got lazy D:

Yea... sushi will kill me for posting this up.... >.> *hides picture*
She's totally slouching cause she doesn't know I took this picture...
shhh.... o.o

Officially... Anti Demon set is now complete. Mwhahahahhaa~ (Ribbon is missing cause it's still being hand sewn together).

Some details (Painting is funz!)

So pretty much on Day 1, I totally forgot the power cord to my sewing machine 2 hours after arriving at my friend's house in another city. Guess who had to travel home that night for 2 hours to get the power cord? So there was one day wasted.

Day 2: Consisted of us going to the heart of Toronto to fabric shop because I only got enough for Anti demon and half of Abyss. There was also a Baskin Robin that served a soft ice sundae for $3 *____* boy was I in heaven XD I also bumped into an old friend of mine from the BJDdoll community. Her Volke girl was sooooo adorable *___*

Day 3-6: Sew, kill back, sew and repeat. I was fairly distracted most of the time. Til my friend started to threaten to unplug my computer/internet. D: She's scarier than my Mom! I also discovered that my friend can't cook. orz So I spent another good chunk of those days preparing lunch and sometimes dinner for them. No wonder I didn't have much done.

I haz an Abyss Cloak! (half of it D: the armor part is still in the workz)
fyi, I've never made armor before... dun dun duuunnnn.... o.o
Also ignore the fact that one is a square and one is a rectangle.
I obviously fail at eye-hand coordination. D:

Basic layer for Abyss Set Male.
Secretly it's Matrix all over again!

On another news, Arty is Stage 3 cleared. :) Onto stage four then five and I'll be completely done ^^ Its only 2 times more til 90 DDDDD: *dies* I'll honestly miss my 900+ heals but she'll be able to have 200+ int after I'm done with her. I'm also working on two new alts for the heck of it. Let's see where that takes me.

Yang and I also made a Golden Sun on Tuesday, possibly the second one on the server? I know Ax3l made the first one. o.o But yea, its sooo epic. I can't wait to *cough*abuse*cough* borrow Yang for more synth boosting XD

I also got an opportunity by reference where I may be able to work for a company to take over their website. I just hope they got my portfolio and resume so wish me luck that I get another job :D You'd think I would of learnt my lesson from being burnt-out from last year.... oh well... o.o Let Ayu die once more! x.x Now I go pass out and begin slave work again tomorrow morning :D;;;;;; Why am I being woken up earlier and earlier in the morning D: *friends are really slave drivers* I miss Rambo and most of my friends on MT. I wuv you guys!!!!


  1. First off, I'd like to say that your work space is amazing. owo The old school table cloth really adds the finishing touches. And it's so messy!! :DD If I was there I'd be QQing every 5 minutes and cleaning all the scraps. Maybe me not being there to help is a good idea :DDD;;

    But seriously. So far so good!!! Anti-Demon looks really cool! I can't wait to see when Abyss gets done.

    And we miss you too. <3

  2. I miss you also <3

    The golden gun looks awesome