Sunday, April 4, 2010

I haz a sexy Arty

Guess who's been ignoring the world the last few weeks? I haz! Why? Because Soloing and Duoing Assassin with New Moon Daisioujou is so much xp that it still took me forever to get Arty to level 90. I'm at the halfway point with my Artemis. I still have a lot of rebirthing that needs to be done before she's presentable for synthing. Yes, I have high standards. D:

To bad I rebirthed her and now she's back to level one LOL I miss these sexy stats~

I'm also thinking of changing synth spot, my current spot is the less laggiest place in babel for me but another synther is here and I don't want to interfere with them. So let's recap, who is where (because each synther have their own "spot" and it's time to find mine!):

Disclaimer: This is based on what I see in shouts these last few months. I could be completely wrong on their inactivity. And I'm pretty sure I spelled a few people's names wrong LOL I added the two inactive ones because it looked better if I did... design wise orz

And some possible places...

Yea, Babel is too small. I'm pretty much out of idea where I can place myself without disturbing others. Ofc there is also the option of not doing public synthing, but I want to kill more stuff D: (Besides Yang would put me to work...) Maybe I should just take over the Perra's spot and get my life over with. Sera's also at class 6.2 Synthesis now but the only problem is, I've had more things fail on me with 6.2 then I did when I was back on c5.6. It's been so weird because of it. And Sera's new gear is also epic :D I look like a nub~~ It just sucks how extremely Sexist this game is. The girls get gears that gives like what? +21 int/luck or something all together D: What do we male get? +6in +6 luck T-T Totally unfair... damn you cave... DX It still won't stop me from playing as a male character though. (Now that I think about it... 4 male synthers the rest are female.... D:)

I also have to finish FF13... So I can play my precious Resonance of Fate.............................. FARK I hate MT because it keeps eating my life away.

So, I also signed up for my Summer school courses, so I might not be online much anymore to play (maybe just to chat). I'm also worried about work, I hope I can balance the two again. Anime North is also coming up, I've made the plans to get the costumes done, I just feel so unmotivated to work on it. Crunch time is nearing, money is an issue with AN now (there goes my budget DX) I'm like stressed out as hell and WAS using Megaten as an escapism but.... lately Megaten is being a massive stress addition to me. I don't even know why I keep playing now that I think about it. All I've done is complain. And thanks to Arty, I'm starting to hate Ichi Gold Speed. Deep Ichi is killing my dur and Dais for NM is so competitive. @.@

Watever. I have two one week vacation coming up (though it's really a sweat shop D: hurhur) So we'll see what happens with me and MT... I didn't end up de-stressing on my year off like I was suppose to. orz

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