Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trial and Error

Spent the whole day synthing today on ch1. Actually I'm trying out different places and seeing how traffic works. Today North Term was pretty congested, 3 Synthers there with Zet letting me steal the Perra's spot at the end (also tried Dwarf area). Going to have to move out of North Term. I'm too lazy to go up the stairs and in front of control room.

My new updated map LOL Yea I need visuals for you and for me. SEEEEEEEE North term is congested D: Sera's gotta move. Going to try South Term tomorrow and see how that goes. I hope it's not going to lag me massively (North Term lover). Maybe I should just be a Travelling Synther. LOL

Today was pretty busy, I'm pretty sure I missed a ton of pms. >.< My Shout, Say and Clan box are always separated during Synth so I have no idea when people talk to me. XD Definitely gotta find a Perm place for synthing place by the end of the week. Think is so much work. DX

EDIT: I think I found myself a spot. It's cozy, open area, blocks everyone (lolwut?! j/k) and it has a corner! I like Corners :D Let see if I can get home early tonight, and start synthing. At the end of this month, I'm going to be AFK from public Synthing because I almost got everything to rebirth Arty to it's max. OH FEAR! o.o

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