Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stage 2 Complete!

So last weekend my mom thought it was a great idea to go to a Buddha Temple just to eat authentic vegetarian dishes. Does anyone else see something wrong with the picture here? DX Maybe it's just me...

So Arty just went back to rebirth-rehab mode - meaning I won't be synthing for the next little while. Why? Because Arty has completed Stage 2 of Project masochist Rebirth:

Is it not the sexiest thing you'll ever see?!
Yes, I need a life D:

Soooooo close to 200 int DX SO EFFING CLOSE. So, I decided to go for a fourth rebirth chain for Lawls. I'm tempted to just rebirth Arty with all Rebirths @ Rank 8 out of sheer boredom.

I haven't quite decided whether I should be really proud of Arty or REALLY EFFING scared. I'm already QQ-ing at the fact that Arty out-heals my Enhancer. orz A few more Rebirths and she'll be done, but bwahahahaha... 3/4 done now. My life is almost over.

Sexiest shot before Daisoujou Spawn.

God I should sleep DX Ran on 3 hours of sleep during work today because I wanted to get Arty up to level 90 last night so I could rebirth her. x.x I'm leaving on Sunday to go to a friend's house where all the Project Megaten Cosplayers will be attending, sewing (aka. Ayumi does everything again) and feeding me D: So far only 4/5 costumes have been finalized, Black Medic (MASSIVELY NEED FIXING) acting as backup.

The Confirmed Cosplay List atm for Anime North 2010 is Male Abyss Set (sooo why haven't I started on this?), Holy Anti Demon Set Female, Black Rebel Female set with Umbrella COMP and Destruction Avatar Female set. No sleep for 7 days HARHARHAR!!! It should be fine though, since there will be 3-4 of use working on it at all times and their not difficult at all. Just time consuming. Depending on progress, I may or may not stay longer. So I may be online to talk but I definitely won't be able to do anything in game since I'll be on my shitty mac playing. LOL Lag fest....

When I first read "Cant transfer promo awards between accounts" under rules in all the recent new promotions, the first thought that came to my head was: "Trading is against the rules?! D:" LOL Best. Rule. Ever. /sarcasm.
The new gender-changer promo was LAWLZ. I. ish. amuzed. naoz. *goes back to grinding*

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