Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm a boring person

Hurrrrrrrrr... 4 days of no Megaten has made me realized the following about my life:
  1. I can't enjoy Cosplay like I used to. Then again doing this for 10 years does kill something.
  2. Having all your friends living on the other side of the city, really, really, effing sucks. :(
  3. School killed everything that is art and design related for me. Yay to no-motivation.
  4. I should finish reading my book. DX
  5. I want to repaint my walls to a cool gray or light blue color. I think it'll look great and rid all these marks on the wall that I've never noticed these last 10 years that I've been living here.
  6. I found a comfy spot at work after loitering from open to close there. <3
  7. Cardboard is fun to build stuff with when your really annoyed at something. :D
  8. And Final Fantasy 13 has bored me in many new ways. <-- fell asleep twice playing it
  9. Megaten has taken 90% of my life.
Yea... I need a life and a new hobby... DX Hopefully school can keep me busy when I start next month. For the time being Imma going to loiter on Megaten until I find a new hobby. I'll just synth and be a Cement Gnome and "seem" productive. :/


  1. I wanna paint my walls too...

    Theyre ruined basically, and this ugly yellowish color. I wanna paint them green and paint Kodamas (from Princess Mononoke) on them. ^^

    I wish we lived closer, so we can paint together