Friday, June 4, 2010

Beware: Picture Dump

So like I went on a fashion spree and impulse bought Casper, Winidia and Summer Gothic. LOL Tho I do need Summer Gothic for my enhancer when I change his build. So here's some picture dump :D

Winidia Set, its sooo cute *___*

Casper Set - I think Casper looks better on my mage

Sera: "I... um... err...." /steals your cookies and runs

Sera is soooo adorable in this get up. It's suppose to be for my Enhancer but when I put him in this outfit, he looked like an grown man in a little kids clothes :( So for now, until I get the crystals done, Sera's going to borrow Big-Bro Seta's clothes. <3

We love you Arbi and your sexy pose <3

I love taking SS while in Kuchi caves. There's something about it that makes it intriguing and beautiful. Or... I could just be weird like that... >.>

Sowilo chain - Rank 8 Sowilo + Rank 8 Ingwaz + Rank 8 Eihwaz (which is useless btw since it doesn't raise int, just support magic) + Rank 4 Eihwaz (which I find useless cause it barely bumps the stats on the rebirth)

Same Rebirths as mentioned but Rebirthed into the Ingwaz Chain. As you can see, there is an extra 45 pts all together. which is useful for synthing boost from Arty. So for those who doesn't know, rebirths for synther's arty should be Ingwaz last for best result. There's no need to rebirth is into another chain which I found out when talking to Palmira, who's arty has the same stats as mine but less work done. XD;;;

I've finally started on my two alts and I gotta say, I like playing male characters better :/ Idk y, there's just something about them I feel more attached to. And Seta should be able to make a come back this summer. :D You may see him around soon! I'm going to be lethe-ing (with painful memories of times without 5x incs and exp boost and textbooks) the Synthesis chain on him and making him into a C5 Hexer (like Yang!) so I can use him for caves and 4king runs. I decided to go against the Regal Enhancer idea since I think I'm ok in 4Kings relying on SA instead of LOA.

On another news: I got addicted to Project Diva (Vocaloid) on the psp. D: It's really fun and challenging but I do like DJ Max Portable more though. Mainly because the background is less distracting. But I still need to finish Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Dx Terraaaaa, you idiot!


  1. I think Windia looks better on her. XD The Indigo hair matches the indigo accents on the dress. And Anura looks rly cute and innocent with it. Just saying. o3o

  2. Nice Layout for Blog now :D

    Get ingame moar i miss you </3


  3. @ Ayaki: xD If I'm around you then I'll put on Winidia just for you :D

    @ Mall: Thanks :D though I think its unreadable. Oh well... /gives u glasses

    And will try <3