Friday, June 18, 2010

Scribbly Layout

I love this chaotic layout childish layout, even though no one can read my post without squinting now. =3=

So finally I got the relic needed to make Muramasa from caring my demons everyday. For once I'm glad to have a lot of alts *Care Abuse*. Which by evening turned into Muramasa:

I just wanted to make one :D I have absolute no use for them, just wanted to synth stuff + it's SHINY!!! WHY NOT?! <3>.> I'll post some Aion pictures for fun later. /lazy atm

Since SI got implemented this patch: Happy SI-ing everyone!

EDIT - I just realized that this post took me 6 days to write LOL I'm so full of fail. So that's corrected but its really on the 17th that this is posted. And to add onto my fail, Why didn't I take that 25mil offer on Muramasa yesterday?! Oh right, because no one has a bloody clue on how much this thing is worth and I was worried that I might be lowballed like umm.. always. >.> /sells it for half the price now. And silly people, why would I sell it to you for the same price or less than the Relic worth. Really now... sometimes I think I'm one of the few people who offers properly (maybe 1-2 mil off "selling prices" depending on my priority) but I'm still negotiable. There's been a lot of rude buyers/sellers and "market police" lately that is killing the fun out of the market for me. You set a price: everyone hates you (unless its massively under the other selling prices). You ask for offer: Everyone lowballs you badly. Maybe my luck is just bad. LOL /goes be a Cement Gnome.

I'm also getting lazier to synth these days...
I'm also lazy to even bother working on my alts...
/continues being a Cement Gnome.

EDITx2 - awesome copy and paste post move is missing 2 paragraphs. orz Going to rewrite those later.

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