Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vocaloid + Extazy with a pinch of Aion

Pwhahahahahhaa~ I'm effing addicted to Gakupo Kamui (aka. Gackt's voice). And then I go on youtube to see some of GUMI's songs too to find out about SCL Project. I can't stop watching it, it's so good.

Watch it~~

And if you all haven't realized, I changed clans a few time. Each clan does have their own atmosphere and a core group of people, that would never change I think. But I found one that I can call home :D Clan Extaxy, Richy and Mallard are in it which was the main reason why I said yes to the invite to join (Thanks for the invite dope!). I freaking love you two, we just need to drag old man Yang with us! Risu, Death, Coty, Lez, Palmira and co. are all fun guys, knowledgeable in the game as well and can pretty random. Thanks for nickname btw Risu xD I'm going to make a Panda suit for Sera just for you now! Though all I do in game is be a cement gnome.

/start rant
I'm also getting sick of dealing with the 'market police' and some rude people. If someone doesn't reply to your request, it might be because the person is AFK for a bit or they might be busy. So chilll guys, there's no need to pm a person 5 minutes after you request and cuss them out. I've had people get back to me an hour later to do the trade but they were nice people and apologized. I also find it funny how there is no middle grounds or negotiations for a lot of things now. It's either the seller wants 15mil for one item while the buyer wants to buy it at 5mil. Kinda funny imo. Which is mainly why I went back to ap spending, I so do not want to deal with stuff like that since I'm now a market idiot without outdated pricing (and I don't log onto the game as much and stopped watching the Tradelist); have had people talk me down with their sad little stories and seeing them resell the same item for 2x price they just bought it for within 5 minutes. LOL Sorry for being nice and trusting, geezes... /not even exaggerating on the time.

Also, when you decline and offer, please say "no thank you" or "nty" or something along those lines. I'm also sick of getting really rude replies like, "(Hell) NO! /cancels" or "WTF /cancels" or "I'm not a nub. /cancels". First off, some us don't even know what "standard market price" are for certain items so please enlighten us with your desired price so we can negotiate. You don't have to be rude about it. If you ask offer, we offer what we thought "might be the price". That's what offer means after all. >__>
/end rant

So aside being a Cement Gnome and hating the Market, I've been busy working on my Aion character. I hate walking in that game Dx They seriously need a mount. I've learned that I really, really suck at Pvp in Aion since I get ambushed while I'm fighting a monster like 99% of the time. And since I'm a squishy SpiritMaster, with no pvp experience, I get killed easily :D;;;



It's pretty non-the-less though I suck at taking SS in Aion. And P2P IS SO MUCH CHEAPER. So I need to convert. I'm also waiting for Blade & Soul to come out. It looks good plus its NCSoft! You can't go wrong with NCSoft (I think). I think a lot of MT players will be moving there (well, for many reason lol) so I know I won't be alone, hehe.


  1. well,i think that inviting you was the best thing i did for that clan since it was made.

    too bad im not having much time to play lately,so ill let you have fun in aion for a little more,enjoy it while it lasts,cause when i get my break (by july 8th),ill steal you back to megaten!

  2. Yea i plan on moving to blade and souls once that is released. Is it F2P or P2P?