Saturday, May 22, 2010

I failzzzzzz

About half way through, I just realized my design was placed too high on the jacket. x____________________________________X /headdesk

So I've now entered uber panic mode. Not only did I run out of time because of crazy man that came/stalked to our house, school, work, and job interview; I just finished pinning half my designs in the back jacket of the abyss coat. I ran into an uber problem. It's been placed too high and about half of it is already hand sewed in so redo-ing it is pretty much out of the question due to the lack of time (I have a test on my books on Tuesday DDDDDDDDDDDD: ) So I'm just typing out this pointless post for panic reasons. o.o I can't believe I misjudge by that much. X____X ARGGGG!!! I might have to bs the rest of the patterns for aesthetics reason and fix it after Anime North. GOD, GTFO ME!! D: This is what I get for only sewing once a year now x.x

In about 7 hours from now, I also have work. Tomorrow is Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the wii (release day). So like, no sleep + crazy work day = FML I'm so not living tomorrow. x_____X Then all of monday I gotta FINISH all my readings and then study. And the best part is, out of the entire week I've only procrastinated 3 hours. It's like Time just fell out of my pocket this week. When I start my new job in June, I might as well just get trampled on by squirrels. /clones self


Yay to pointless post o.o so like if I'm not online til after May D: You now know why?


  1. DD:

    that sucks hopefully everything gets better :D


  2. Mallll~~~~ I miss you guys T-T How has you been doing?

  3. ayu im sure you'll find a way to make it all work. ur outfit, the tests, ur job, everything ^_^
    just take a minute to relax here and there and im sure u will find the answer

    lulz anon ftw